Review: The Good House

The Good House
The Good House by Ann Leary

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I have conflicting feelings about this book. On the one had I think it is a brilliantly written book that perfectly portrays the life (and thoughts) of a ‘functioning’ alcoholic. On the other had I hated Hidly. So much. I think that may stem from personal feelings about an alcoholic in my own family and the parallels that I see, but what a selfish b***h. Frank was by far my favourite character, and even thought we don’t really see a lot of him, Scott comes in a close second.\

Without giving away too much one of the (many) reasons that I dislike Hildy so strongly would be the harsh and brutal way she ‘promptly fired’ her secretary who helped the girls with the intervention.

Are you kidding me. Someone showed they cared about you and you fire them.

I am tempted to give [a:Ann Leary|207508|Ann Leary|] three stars for this book, mainly due to my hatred of her main character, but I know that the only reason I truly hate her is because of how realistic and alive the character is written.

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